Kink Toystore is an online adult based toy store focused and committed to providing toys geared towards not only the mainstream masses but also those in the BDSM community. After listening to fellow kinksters always complaining that you could find semi BDSM stuff here and there but you had to hunt for it and had to buy multiple items from multiple sites. We at Kink Toystore decided that we would devote time into researching the best possible products for our members and create a one stop place for them to get their playtoys. Hence Kink Toystore was created. We continue to search for BDSM related products that are just perfect for all those lovely D/s’s out there. As such we are constantly adding new and exciting items to our online store. Kink Toystore is somewhat of a deviant marketplace. Artisans who create various BDSM related items can register to become a vendor on our site and have their wares sold through Kink Toystore. For more information regarding becoming a vendor please follow the Vendor link at the top of the page.


Our team here at Kink Toystore has a lot of experience under their belts. Here are but a few of our combined assets we bring to serve you better.

Development - 20 years
Design - 16 years
Sales - 12 years
Marketing - 10 years